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3 Ways to Legally Migrate to the US

Migration to the US remains a dream of millions of people dissatisfied with level of life and safety their current country provides. Although thousands of them try to find ways for staying in the US illegally, they act unwisely as there are still ways for migration to this country on a legal basis. The US government puts quotas on the number of people who can legally come to this country for work and family purposes. If migrants know their migration purpose, it stays easy to choose theirs from 3 possible ways for legal migration.

3 legal ways for migration:

  1. Family-based visa: If migrants are spouses or unmarried children of US citizens, they can immediately apply for a migration status. The US migration services highly appreciate family values so if family members become divided by the US border, it can make everything possible for this family reunion. Even if you stay not a direct relative of the US citizen (adult married child or brother), you can still apply for LPR but quota for such migrants stays lower;
  2. Employment-based visa: If migrants are people with extraordinary abilities or they simply want to work in the US, they can apply for R1, O1, and P1 visas. Although after obtaining Visa, they don’t have much freedom for changing employment, they still have an opportunity for legal residency in the US which stays not so bad. Although quotas for employment immigrants stay much lower, if you show yourself as an outstanding specialist, you will succeed;
  3. Asylum-based visa: If your country remains at war and you don’t feel safe in your country of residence, you stay eligible to apply for asylum. Applying for Visa, you should get into a “transition country” (which stays outside of your home country) and fill in an application form. Although quota for refugees is the smallest one, if you need an asylum from political and terrorist threats, you will not get refusal.

What else to remember applying for Visa

Prepare yourself that if you are one of 50000 who wants to come to the US, you will have lower chances while getting migration status. There is a strict requirement that there should be no more than 7% of immigrants coming from a single country so that no immigrant group will dominate. Prepare yourself that Visa application is not cheap. You should pay a lot of fees and have enough money for covering costs of a ticket to the US. However, you still have chances to economize by owning a travel credit card. Activating right card you automatically get free miles from airline companies and free nights to spend in hostels so that it will be not that hard getting there and living during first time. Plan your expenses carefully and migration will take much easier than you think.