Lowering Immigration Levels

Immigration levels are at an all time high in the United States alone. The majority of the U.S.A favors lowering immigration levels. Especially after the terrorist attacks that happened on September 11, 2001.

Both democrats and republicans show equal statistics of reducing the immigration levels. The republican standards are slightly higher than democrats, but both sides show high preferences compared to the other immigration facts. Young and older Americans are the two groups that will favor higher levels of immigration. The less educated adults are more likely to favor lower immigration levels.

41 percent Americans think immigration is bad for the country. The other 59 percent may believe immigration is best in the world. Studies have shown that illegal immigrants are well educated. Illegal immigrants may be more educated than Americans based on statistics. This is where the conflict arises between immigration levels.

The U.S.A admits over 2.1 million illegal immigrants each year, this is more than any other nation combined. The American people want illegal immigration lowered until the crisis is healed. Terrorist attacks occur more than normal, this is another reason why Americans want it stopped.

Illegal immigrants replace many American employees, as a result the labor market expands. The more immigrants a state has the harder it will be to find jobs and may lead to many attempting to borrow money even with bad credit ratingsmoney even with bad credit ratings. This summer alone the INS collected over 3 million documents filed by illegal immigrants but erased by certain agencies. The question is why would these agencies destroy important documents? Either they are protecting the immigrants or guiding their resources.

The government should consider limiting immigration for the American people. If 500,000 illegal immigrants enter the country each year imagine the periodic rate of children. The children alone can over populate a city causing problem for the state.

In addition, the immigrants with superior abilities should be limited to certain jobs in the U.S.A. The majority of immigrants from overseas posses certain skills that cannot be duplicated in America. This creates more opportunities for illegal immigrants but increases the immigration rates dramatically.

The 9/11 terrorist attacks was the world’s turning point, Americans can’t risk going down the same road again. Lowering immigration will prevent future terrorist attacks. Striving to make our country a safer place is the key.

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