Visa Application for the UK

Many people need guidance for Visa application for the UK. This post will guide you through the requirements and steps to take to successfully apply for a visa.
Application forms.

Many websites exist for your country where you can download the application form. You can go to and type in the query: *country name* + visa application forms UK to give you links to follow to get the application forms.

When should you apply for the Visa?
Apply three months before you travel. Don’t confirm travel arrangements till you receive the visa.

What to do before going for application for the UK
Have all the supporting documents required
Ensure you have enough money for the application fee
Get ready to submit the application form on time.
What do you expect when you go for appointment?
Arrive at least fifteen minutes before the appointment. If you are late for the appointment, you will have to reschedule.
If you will not have made an application online, you need to submit your form.
Pay your application fee.

Submit your biometric details.
Who is allowed into the visa application center?
The application of visa in UK
If the applicant is a child, a responsible adult is allowed.
If applicant is disabled, a carer is permitted.
An interpreter incase the applicant has a hearing problem.
What is prohibited?
For security reasons, don’t carry battery gadgets, bags, sealed envelopes, inflammable items, sharp objects and other items as determined by the security personnel.
What you need for the application process
Complete visa application form
Original documents to prove availability of funds
A passport valid for 6 months after your travel date
A recent passport sized color photograph measuring 45mm by 35mm
The visa application fee or evidence of payment of the fee.
Original supporting documents with copies of each.

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