Why Is There Such A Controversy With Too Much Immigration In The UK?

An immigrant is an individual who enters a foreign country for the purpose of permanently settling down there. This process is also known as migration. In the recent years, the United Kingdom has proved to be a very popular spot for immigrants due to the growing number of such individuals in the country. Immigration in the UK has always been a subject that is shrouded by controversies. A lot of experts have tried coming up with their own takes on why there is such a controversy with the immigration scene in the UK.

Immigration Experts believe that too much immigration in the UK is a problem because it leaves very little space for integration in the country. They believe that immigration is the main cause behind the critical issues that are faced by the British today. Too much of anything can be bad – this saying is definitely true in case excessive migration because this has a corrosive effect on the country’s traditional identities and the solidarity of the UK community.

According to the leader of UK’s Labour Party, Ed Miliband, excessive immigration in the United Kingdom is a problem because it is low-skilled migration. Back in the year 2004, about 3.2 million people immigrated to the country, which is definitely not a small figure. Today, this figure has definitely soared.

The worst sufferer of too much immigration in the UK is the Government because not only does the UK Government has to deal with all the controversies, but it also has to solve the problems associated with excessive migration.

Since there is so much controversy surrounding this subject, therefore wouldn’t it be a good idea to restrict the number of immigration to UK? Well, although this might seem like the most viable option but it certainly isn’t because it would not deliver a positive outcome. Why? Well, this is because the real problem lies with the shortage of effective policies capable of managing diversity in the society owing to too much colonization.

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