World Binary Exchange – Who They Are and What They Do

World Binary Exchange

binary exchangeWorld Binary Exchange is a trading platform for anyone who is keen to trade and make money. Just like most trading platforms they offer a free three day trial so you can see whether this is the place for you to invest your money into. It was originally founded by a group of Index Trading entrepreneurs and experts who specialized in both online and offline trading. Their main key focus was to create a platform that traders could use 24 hours a day and one which covered 29 of the worlds largest and leading stock markets.
What Is Their Mission?
Their mission is to have a safe and secure platform for trading which novice and professional traders can use with ease. They strive to provide an excellent customer service and they have a qualified expert team on hand who deal instantly with clients needs and queries. They strive to be the best and they simply are the best.
Exchange Packages On Offer
binary exchangeThey have different packages available for users. The first package, Package 2 costs $12,900 and gives you unlimited access to trend signals on two of their market indices. You are allowed six traders per week and access to customer service. The next package offer for $24,900 unlimited live access to trend signals on five of their market indices and fifteen trades per week with again access to customer service.
The last package on offer at $44,900 offers unlimited live access to trend signals on eleven of their market indices with a limit of thirty-three trades per week and full access to the customer service team.

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